Ticket information

Early bird Tickets

Until April, 15 seat and strolling tickets are available with reduced prices (5,00 EUR discount). From April, 16 regulary fees will apply.

Reduced Tickets for Students and Trainees

There are reduced student and trainee fees available for seat and strolling tickets. Student status applies for ALL students and trainees, who can show a valid student or trainee ID. However, if you cannot identify yourself with a student or trainee ID at the entrance, we will decide, if entry is admitted.

Seat or strolling Tickets

These two categories only differ regarding the specific seating. Buffet and show program are identical.

VIP Tickets

If you want to foster the event or want to claim setas in the first row, the VIP ticket is the one for you. VIP tickets are only available via a separate link.

Late night Tickets

With this ticket you are admitted to the event after 10pm. You will also get a champagne reception. The buffet is already cleared away, but the party jsut started. If you arrive just after 10pm, you will still be able to the the second part of the sho program. Until midnight, you can also dance to standard and latin music. After the midnight raffle the DJ plays until the end of the event. hese tickets can still be purchased at the door or online just before admission. UPDATE: the ball is completely sold out and there will be NO more tickets at the box office. 

Returning Tickets

Purchased tickets can not be refunded. However, you can give your tickets to familiy or friends or repectively use the ticket exchange. Information about the ticket exchange and other frequently asked questions are answered in the FAQ-section.

You can asked the customer service at any time.

Notes on purchasing tickets under hygienic conditions

When purchasing tickets, the ticket purchaser agrees to the binding hygiene rules for concert attendance (see blog entry Binding hygiene rules).